Iso Elrob 

Metal machining

Our many years of experience and modern machinery park enable us to offer a set of special services within a range of metal machining. We render such services as, e.g. laser cutting, punching, cutting sheets and profiles, bending sheets and profiles, welding, bending wires, mechanical machining, etc..

Our machinery park includes:

Laser Salvagnini L3-30, max. format 3m x 1,5m, material thickness up to 20mm, all metals: steel, copper, brass, etc.

Trumatic 3030 cutting machine, format 2,5m x 1,25m  – controlled by a computer, up to 9 tools 

QUICK SHARP – traumatica tool sharpener
Spot welder
Three roller bender for do pipes and BPR Curvatrici profiles
Bender for sheet profiles
Angle cutter for profiles 

ERMAK bending brake  - 1,25m long, mat thickness up to 4mm, 40 tons of pressure


GASPARINI bending brake - 3m long, mat thickness up to 30mm, 150 tons of pressure


DURMA bending brake - 2,5m long, mat thickness up to 20mm, 60 tons of pressure

Welding plant for inert gas shielded TIG /MIG welding
Mechanical presses
OMAS – bender for wires up to 6mm – automatic
DURMA - sheet cutter – sheet cutting
Machine for perforating steel profiles

Obrobka metalu

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